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Thursday, 5 April 2012

To reproduce, or take another's produce. That is my current question

Looks like living in France might be spicing things up, legally speaking. I’ve mentioned that this country has particularly strict views on the issue of surrogacy.  Should have figured, what with the Mary figures brightening up churches in every arrondissement around. Not that inclined to go into it too much on this forum.

Thinking about it anyways, it's not as though Mary went down the traditional route anyway! What has she got to say about the matter!? Ruddy hyprocrits. (please don't spam me).

The US passport my husband so conveniently holds also doesn’t turn out to be all that exciting either unless we also had proof that we’d lived in the US for the past five years.  So we are left with 3-6 months wait in India for a UK passport for a kid post birth. I've actually used my 'contacts' and am now in email conversation with someone at the Consulate in Delhi. Remarkable how odd connections can come in handy when you least expect it.

Hmm. Why can't I just build a womb out of some whale blubber and chewing gum and grow a baby in my spare bedroom. I could feed it peanuts and apple juice.

Back to choices of clinics and stomachs, though, Delhi seems to have higher success rates than Mumbai at 75% chance of pregnancy the first time around, 97% the second. (I need that poker lady's advice again...). Indeed, in Delhi, you can spend a smidgeon more and have eggs put in two surrogates at the same time – a sort of explosion of our Genetic DNA out for the picking. It’s highly likely we’d get ‘Twiblings’ - a sort of Tweedleme and Tweedleyou - but I guess that might not be a bad thing. At least we wouldn’t have to go through this all again. Chapter of bizarre online searching over for once and for all. Issue of infertility shelved forever. Back to being Traditional Nuclear Family, normal but for our dark secret etc...

Putting all my energies into this does two things. Firstly I get carried away and think I could move heaven and earth. I could easily convince myself I had Jesus tendencies. What the service provides is, after all, a Mary like conception. But secondly, it does scare me when I step back and realise that this the online world i've suddenly become a global expert is also something that I have a choice about. Oh yeah. Forgot about that.

With a clinic lined up, a Consul General considering the legal loopholes for me and a few Indian ladies answering my every email 10 minutes after I send them, it’s decision time. To take the plunge or not to take the plunge. To reproduce, or to take another's produce.

Ca c’est la Uber question.

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